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Friday Five

Friday, December 18, 2015

one// Last year I loved listening to Serial, and I even forced Blake to listen to the whole thing while we drove up to North Carolina. Still kind of wish there was a more of a solution in the last episode of the first season. Season 2 just came out last Thursday and I'm already hooked on the story! Anyone else following along? 

two// I loved this video about Instagram Husbands! It's so funny and sadly true. My husband has had to take so many blog photos for me, and I know I'm ridiculous when it comes to the perfect shot.

three// Here is another hilarious video! I love Downton Abbey, but I think the main appeal is listening to their accents. Watch them do a scene in an American accent. I couldn't stop laughing.

four// Star Wars fever!! In anticipation for the new movie we had so much fun getting into the Star Wars spirit. I made cupcakes with cute liners from Williams Sonoma and Blake bought a new t-shirt. *even though he has like 42 already.
At a craft fair this week I saw the cutest little Star Wars crocheted or knitted toys. If we ever have a baby, it's going to have to have a Star Wars nursery-and these things will have to be in it. I wish I would have taken a picture of the Jabba! He was so fat! 

five// Okay, speaking of Star Wars....I'm dead tired right now because we went to see The Force Awakens last night! To avoid giving anything away, I won't say much about it. Overall I thought it was great! Just enough old and new. I was not ready for it to be over and I think the did a great job setting it up for the next one. You'll have to tell me your first impressions! 

Happy Friday!

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