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Striped Midi

Monday, November 9, 2015

Black Tee: Loft
Striped Midi Skirt: Modestly Dressed Boutique
Peeptoes: Amazon
Necklace: Target (old) {similar}

I haven't done an outfit post in so long! Truly most of that is because I end up forgetting to take a picture. Not really an excuse because I have a tripod, so I don't even really need someone else to take it. Anyways. This is what I wore last Saturday! We got to stay at Blake's aunt & uncle's beach house, which made for a beautiful backdrop. hashtag not my house. 

I love this midi skirt and I can't tell you how many compliments I got! Modest is hottest, hehe. Speaking of hottest, it was 90 degrees when I wore this and I thought I was going to die. We took this photo at 7 am and I was already sweating. Thankfully a cold front came through last night and maybe I can finally do some fall outfits! 


  1. How absolutely perfect is this striped midi? Being a pug Mom myself, I especially appreciate the color palette too!

    Ashley || Sed Bona

    1. Thanks so much! Hilariously even out of town, away from the pug, I still found myself picking a few pug hairs off my skirt throughout the day! hashtag puglife.

  2. You looked (and did) great Sat! And yes it was ridiculously hot. 😓

    1. Thanks Laura!! Had to make sure the skirt was extra long!



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