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Friday Five

Friday, October 23, 2015

one// We bought our Star Wars tickets this week! I'm really excited to see the new movie, especially after the trailer that came out on Monday. Looks crazy good.

two// One late night at Walmart, on a total impulse buy, I ended up with an adult coloring book! Have you guys seen those things!? Such intricate and time consuming patterns. I've only gotten one page finished so far, and that took me 3 days. It's been a really relaxing, mindless activity. 

three// Netflix randomly suggested Jane The Virgin to me sometime over the weekend. Wanting something new to watch I took the bait. It is the cutest show! It's both charming and silly. At first I was put off by the name, but I'm super glad I pressed play. Ended up watching the entire 1st season just in time to catch up to the first 3 episodes of the current one. 

four// I just have no idea how I haven't found the Mark & Graham website before...I literally want every single item they sell. Especially the entire Herringbone Collection! Not cheap stuff, but lots of great gift ideas. Like this custom playing card set-perfect wedding gift, no?

five// I grabbed a new bottle of nail polish at Target this week, and I am so excited to use it! I bought Essie Bahama Mama and I picked up a bottle of their Gel Setter. It's supposed to make any polish gel-like. We will see how it works! The Fall definitely makes me lean towards the darker colors. 

Happy Friday! How was your week??


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    1. I know it!! My evening consists of a glass of wine and this nail polish.



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