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Friday Five

Friday, October 2, 2015

one// Here is a fun flashback to October 3rd 2009 when Blake and I got engaged! He proposed to me at Magic Kingdom during the fireworks. We had the perfect day! October is really the best time to go! As for the wheelchair in the picture, our friend found it and then proceeded to pretend to have a broken ankle for the rest of the day so they could cut in line. I so did not approve of that, but I was so crazy in love at the time that I was pretty distracted. 
two// With just 2 months until our cruise, both Blake and I have gotten serious about our diets! We have been kind of lax lately, and my pants have been way tighter. I don't have a lot of time right now for exercise but I know I can make a huge difference just by eating better. We've done really well this week! Hopefully the motivation sticks. 

three// TV is back! I'm so happy to have something other than Netflix to watch. We don't have cable so we rely on what we can stream. I watched a few new shows, and am really curious how they go. I liked Quantico and I thought Grandfathered was really cute. 

four// I can't stop laughing at the fact that my sister invited me to go see Sesame Street Live. I can't believe my little sister is a mom in the first place, but she's like such a mom

five// I had to sign into Facebook to retrieve the above flashback picture. I deactivated probably a year ago. It was so funny to look through all of those old pictures! It's crazy how much we put on the internet. Especially years ago! I would never post every single vacation picture now. I already regret outfit choices, and my skin care routine. Ick. Have I mentioned how much I hate Throwback Thursday! I am so dedicated to improving myself that when I look back it makes me irritated with old me.

Happy Friday!


  1. On October 3rd really? Like Mean Girls October 3rd? Haha. :) love the pics!!

    1. LOL, you know what?? I have never made that connection before!



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