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Labor Day Weekend 2015

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I'm such a Florida girl at heart, but if Blake and I ever move out of state, I think it would have to be to North Carolina! Over Labor Day weekend we went up to NC to visit Blake's parents, who live just outside of Charlotte. The past few years we've visited in December, and it's really been too cold to go out exploring. I was very excited for this trip because I knew we would have the opportunity to see what the area had to offer. 
One of the highlights was going to Uptown Charlotte and visiting The Mint museum and also The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. We love art and really enjoyed both museums. As a bonus any Bank of America Card holder gets in free! That was a pleasant surprise, as we both have BOA cards.(Bank of America seems to own everything in Charlotte) 
The Bechtler was much smaller than the mint, but it still had quite a few pieces to see. Both museums boasted art from very famous artists like Andy Warhol, Picasso, and Chihuly. The really famous stuff you couldn't take photos of, but I think that keeps people coming to see them in person. 

One thing I just did not understand was this display which includes a Dyson vacuum... 

We always eat so well when we visit Blake's parents! I know I've gained like 20 pounds and need to get back to eating right now that we are home. If you need any recommendations for restaurants to visit when in Charlotte, I highly recommend either Ri Ra or The Olde Meclenburg Brewery. Ri Ra was an awesome little Irish pub with great service and great food & beer! I got the Top Chop salad, which was to die for, and the Fish and Chips was amazingly huge. The Olde Meclenburg Brewery was so much fun! It had a really cool beer garden and also lots of room on the inside. It was packed, yet comfortable! We all got beer and shared yummy pretzels. The service there was great too! 
I can't believe how much we packed into one weekend! We also hit up the Charlotte Premium Outlets and spent probably way too much on new clothes. I am still on budget though! These outlets are brand new, and they had lots of good Labor Day deals going. 
Delly had a blast too! I love it when we can take her on vacation with us! I hate leaving her behind. She was spoiled rotten, but behaved pretty well. I loved taking her on walks in the morning. They live in the cutest neighborhood with lots of sidewalks. Plus the weather was lovely! So much different than when we got home and it was pushing 95 degrees. 

We are back home again and I am anxious to get back to a routine. We love going out of town, but there is just something about being back home that is so refreshing. Minus all of the laundry, of course!

Leave me a comment: How was your long weekend?? I am keeping a list of things to do in Charlotte when we visit-any recommendations?

xoxo Kristen


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I have visited Charlotte too, we have friends there... Beautiful city! Your puppy is too cute!!

    1. I love Charlotte! It seemed really clean for a bigger city. The drive is no fun though.



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