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Five On Friday {9/11/15}

Friday, September 11, 2015

one// I have a serious obsession with Honest Tea! I like the Honey Green Tea. It's like subtly sweet, which is just enough for me! I think it is so refreshing! I've had like a bottle a day for a week and it's a borderline addiction. I heard Wendy's sells Honest Tea too, so I had to try their flavors as well. The tropical green tea is also to die for. 

two// Today is September 11th, which will always stand out as an incredibly tragic day in history. I think we all remember where we were that day 14 years ago. Personally I was in 6th grade. I remember hearing an announcement over the intercom in my Health class, but not fully understanding it all until later in the day. I remember every house on our street had a new American flag hanging on their house after that. Seeing videos of the plane crashes hits me so differently now than when I was 11. As you get older you realize how fragile life really is. 

three// Anybody been watching Bachelor in Paradise this season? The season finale was on Monday and boy was it dramatic. The best part about watching it, was that Blake was watching with me. We had so much fun making fun of it! The drama! I did love that it ended with an engagement-one which actually seems pretty genuine and real. We'll see...

four// Monday starts a brand new 30 day challenge with me and my girls! We've done a challenge every month since June. My best month was the first one with the squat challenge! Last month was an arm challenge and I have to say I didn't really stick with it. Our texting group is super motivational, so it was really totally my fault for falling off the wagon. This new challenge is a whole body challenge which is going to be perfect, and just what I need! My goal is to also include several Turbofire videos during the week. 

five// I have my first Fantasy Football game this weekend! My team is obviously named The Pugs. I won our leauge a few years ago, and I'm so ready to take back the title! We pass around a trophy, and it needs to make it's way back to our house. My team is actually pretty decent, and I'm proud of my drafting skills! My first game is against my brother in law and he didn't make it to our draft party-so he kind of got stuck with some bad players. If I don't win...well it would be really sad. 

Happy Friday!

xoxo Kristen

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