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Birth Order

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Learning about people and what makes them who they are has always been one of my interests. Finding out details about their personality and the way they do things is so fascinating! I've already posted about personality tests and why I think it's important to learn who you are. One thing I've picked up on as I learn about people is that 'birth order' really affects personalities. Not only are you born with a personality, but it is shaped by your experiences. One of those experiences is childhood. 
I come from a family with 3 kids, and I'm the oldest! Here is what I've picked up on:

Oldest: First borns are the leaders. They are rule followers and very responsible. They are organized and detail oriented. Oldest kids are usually very nurturing. 
This is me to a T! Just think about it. They were the first kid, so the parents were probably a lot stricter and had high expectations. They are usually nurturing because they probably had to help a lot with their younger siblings. I remember being as helpful as I could and I was usually the one entertaining my younger siblings. 

Middle Children: Middle kids are usually conflict avoiders and mediators. They are people pleasers and very loyal. Usually they are very easy going and love being social. 
My sister Amy is the middle child. These characteristics so describe her! Middle children bridge the gap between older kids and younger kids, so they hate conflict and really try to make everyone happy. Middle kids have also never been alone, they always have had an older sibling to play with-so they are very social. 

Youngest: The youngest has to share a lot of attention so typically they are the entertainers in order to get noticed. Youngests are pretty sensitive and in tune to other's emotions as well. They youngests are easy going too, because let's face it they can get away with a lot more than their older siblings! 
My brother Cameron is the youngest, and he has always been a big teddy bear. He loves to make people laugh and entertain. And he totally could get away with murder. 

Only Child: I honestly have only met a few only children and they seem to be most like an oldest child. 

Here is another part of this theory: Who you should marry based on your birth order? It's not a secret that you have to find someone whose personality meshes with your own. Opposites attract, right? Two people with the same personality would kill each other! Similarly an Oldest with an Oldest probably wouldn't work, because you can't have two leaders. (Of course, it's not impossible to make it work. And your personality is not necessarily permanent.) Here is a general guideline: go for someone in a different sibling position than you. 
Oldest - Middle or Youngest
Middle - Oldest, Youngest or Only
Youngest - Oldest, Middle or Only
Only- Middle or Youngest

Leave me a comment: Do you love learning about people? Are you a typical oldest, middle or youngest? How did your siblings/or lack of siblings affect your personality?

xoxo Kristen

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