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August Firsts

Friday, August 28, 2015

Watching my niece and nephews grow up and experience things for the first time has been such a joy! I love seeing their faces when they try a new food or see them wobble into their first steps. It has dawned on me how few firsts we get to experience as we grow older. There really is a whole world out there that I haven't experienced yet, and I still love doing things for the first time...Even though I hate being unprepared for things. 
August has really surprised me with a few first experiences! I wasn't really expecting all this newness this month.
 In August I experienced my first: 
one// My First Time Passing Out
Fainting for the first (and subsequent 2nd) time was truly strange. Blake and I were in the bathroom one morning and I started feeling so weird. I was in a lot of pain because of a small biopsy I had done the day before. Also, the room had like zero circulation and the steam was so hot. I just started feeling so dizzy. I remember the feeling of falling and being really confused as I realized I was on the floor. Blake didn't see it happen so he just kind of laughed and asked what I was doing. Then I felt really sick to my stomach and tried to throw up, but that didn't happen. So then I sat on the tub ledge trying to let the nausea pass. That's all I remember until I heard Blake saying my name. Poor guy, he was really concerned. I just remember feeling like my head was rolling around in a washing machine or something. After I came to my hands and feet were really numb and tingly. And that was that! I was fine. I think I was just in a lot of pain and I got really hot. I would rather not pass out again if given the option, but atleast now I know what it feels like prior to and maybe I will be better prepared next time. 

two//My First Eye Exam
We all had to stand with one hand over our eye and read a chart at our pediatricians as kids. But this was my first real eye exam at a real eye doctor's. For the past 6 months or so I've noticed a real decline in my ability to read at a distance. This is especially annoying as I do a lot of driving and I need to read street signs and house numbers from far away. I am really happy with the eye doctor I found and she assured me I wasn't crazy and that I am indeed slightly near-sighted. I had to get my eyes dilated too which is the absolute worst and it messed me up for the rest of the day. The funniest part about that was when I was picking out frames for my new glasses. I couldn't even read the brands or price tags. Of course I end up picking out some Kate Spade frames at very steep price. Even when I'm blind I have expensive taste! In the end I went with a cheaper pair of black frames that I'm really happy with! 

three// My First Monthly Subscription Box
I have totally had my eye on a few of the those subscription boxes that are out there. Mostly because I love the idea of getting new things in the mail! It's like a present to yourself! This month I signed up for Ipsy and was super impressed with my first makeup bag. Loving it so far and I can't wait to see what next month's bag is like! I did a whole post on my first Ipsy bag in case you missed it. Click here to sign up yourself!

four//My First Bath Bomb
We went to Disney the first weekend in August, and that trip had several firsts of it's own! We had not been to Blizzard Beach yet, and we stayed in a new hotel. One store we stopped at in Downtown Disney was Basin, which is going to be my new favorite. I love that everyone has a bunch of powder on their noses in this store because they are smelling everything! They sell lots of bath goodies like bathbombs, scrubs and bath salts. Their sugar scrubs are to die for, and you can even try them out in a big sink in the center of the store. I picked up a few bath bombs because I loved the idea of them but had never tried one. Now I wish I would have bought more. I don't get to do luxurious baths often, but it's now my new favorite hobby. Maybe I've just had a stressful month, but I have fully enjoyed using these bath bombs. They smell so nice and they really make your skin soft. I also picked up these bath salts and am totally obsessed with them as well. 

five// My First Painting with a Twist 
These little boutique painting classes are popping up everywhere. I got to finally try one with all my aunts, cousins, my mom and grandma! It was a fun girl's thing and we really enjoyed it! I do a full recap here. I can't wait to get a group of friends together to go again! Next time I'm going to pick a painting that will match my style and maybe I will want to actually hang it up. 

After a month like August, I'm anxiously awaiting to see what September holds. Our schedule has a few changes in it, and we have a few fun trips planned, so I'm imagining just as an eventful month! And, I've surprised myself with kind of wishing for cooler weather....I never thought I would say that! I love the summer and I thrive in the heat. I am however looking forward to the change in oppressive Floridian heat as well as new wardrobe options. 

Leave me a comment: How was your August? Do you ever have a lot of new experiences in a row like that? How do you feel about new things? 

xoxo Kristen

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  1. Oh no glasses! I've been wearing contacts since high school and glasses since 3rd grade. I'm thinking about the surgery still.



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