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Day In The Life

Monday, April 27, 2015

This is a typical day in the life of  me! Each day is different, but this is my usual Monday! This is my chronicle of last Monday.

5 am // Alarm goes off. Obviously the hardest part of the whole day, is getting up. As soon as I move Delly wakes up and crazily jumps all over me. She gets fed first thing in the morning, so once we move that means it's time for her to eat. 

5:01 // Roll out of bed and Delly follows me into the dining room to get her breakfast. She acts like she is starving to death every time. I try to get her to sit and be patient while I scoop her food but it never works. 

5:03 // I get back in bed. I spend a few minutes on my phone, checking messages and the weather forecast. I usually have a lot of notifications because I fall asleep so early and I miss a lot. 

5:15 // Have to get up now. I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and grab my bag. I change into workout clothes and try to do something with my hair. All while trying to be really quiet so Blake doesn't wake up. I really don't think he'd wake up even if I made a lot of noise- the guy can sleep through anything. 

5:25 // Usually I pack a quick lunch for the day. Usually a pb&j! I could eat peanut butter straight from the jar. My mom packed me a peanut butter sandwich basically everyday for school, and I guess it stuck. Today we have no food in the house, so it looks like I'm going out for lunch.

5:30 // Leave the house. I love leaving this early! No other cars, and I love the idea of getting things done before anybody wakes up. 

5:30-7 // Drive to Tallahassee. I work in Tallahassee 2 or 3 days a week for my family's business. The drive is long, but I love what I do and I get to see my family so it's worth it to me. I have been listening to the Kidd Kradick morning show since I was in middle school, and still do! They keep me entertained while I drive over. 

7 // Get to my parent's house. My mom and I exercise together every work day. We either do a 3 mile walk around the neighborhood or go to the gym. 

7:15 - 8 // Today we are walking! I love their neighborhood so much. We usually do a 3 mile route, but we change it up once in awhile. Tallahassee is really hilly, so we definately get out of breath at times. Lately it has been really foggy around the time we walk, but usually it's really clear and we see the most beautiful sunrises. 

8-8:25 // Time to get dressed! I keep a set of toiletries at my parent's house for work days. I use my brother's bathroom and I can't help but tidy up. I'm usually the one to refill the toilet paper and hang the towels up properly. Big sister probs. 

8:25 // Now that I've been up for 3 hours, I'm starving!! Typically I make a chocolate protein shake with some frozen bananas thrown in. So good!! It's like having a milkshake for breakfast. 

8:40 // Leave my parent's. The office is downtown and if you don't hit the lights just right it takes forever to get there. 

About 9 // Arrive at the office. We park in the parking garage, so I have to come through the main lobby and out the front door to get to our storefront. The door man is always there to greet me, and we usually make small talk as I'm heading out the door. He is super nice and always knows the latest on whats going on in the building. 

9:05 // The first thing I do when I get to the office is try to organize the desk. Technically I share my job and sharing a desk is not my favorite thing. I have to move things around until it's how I like. Usually there are 1 or 2 new orders on my desk when I get in too, which always frustrates me. 

9:10-9:30 // Next up is checking my work email and attending to any messages that are important. I also take care of any calls that came in after hours. My next priority is to get everything organized for the day. My job title doesn't really encompass all that I do. Technically I'm an Admin Assistant, but I also manage our entire office and do accounts too. My dad is a Real Estate Appraiser, and my job is to do everything I can so he doesn't have to. So I research properties, make appointments, create reports, file completed reports, and get people to pay us for the reports. I also manage our website and Facebook page. When I can I help my mom, who is a Realtor. I like to take pictures of her listings, stage the places a little, and I usually make the fliers (which is my favorite part!) 
So organizing the work for the day is making sure the guys have all the stuff they need for the days appointments and working in any last minute jobs. 

9:30-10 // It makes me happy to have a cleaned off desk. So next I get the new orders going, so I can get rid of all the papers stacking up on the desk. When I new order comes in I have to research it. That means looking to see if we have appraised it before, seeing if it is currently listed for sale, and looking up information about the property, like square footage and taxes. I love looking at pictures of houses and floorplans. There are some really cool houses out there! And some not so great ones too.. 
Once I get the property researched, I have to schedule an appointment for the guys to go out and see it. This is the most stressful part of the whole job to me. Sometimes people aren't cooperative, and sometimes you have to work in a lot of appointments into a day. I try to keep appointments organized by location-like if we are seeing 2 properties in one neighborhood they need to be consecutive appointments. 

10:00 // Well I picked a good day to do a day in the life-my phone keeps buzzing telling me that there are severe thunderstorm warnings. The front of the office is all windows, which is normally really cool. Not today. The wind is going crazy downtown, I think it's getting stuck between the buildings. The wind keeps opening our door, and it's basically nighttime outside. 

10:05 // My dad went into the main lobby to our mailroom to get the mail, but he doesn't come back. My dad is a bit of a worrier, so I wasn't too concerned at first. I figured he just didn't want to come back out into the rain, but the door man runs over to our office and tells us we need to get inside the main building. Apparently a small tornado was stopped just a few blocks over. Kind of freaking out here. He holds the door open for me, and I try not to get soaked because it's like flash flooding.  The lights were flickering and the wind was pretty impressive. 

10:10 // There is a smaller room in the back of the lobby where the elevators are that we hung out in for a little while. A poor guy on a bike was trying to ride by and his umbrella was inside out. So we helped him get inside, even though the doors were being blown shut. He was soaked, and really scared. At this point even the windows at the front door were bending because of the wind. 

10:15 // I texted Blake to tell him what was going on, and he didn't reply for like 20 minutes. I could have been dead by then! 

10:20 // By now the wind died down a lot and the rain wasn't blowing sideways anymore. I looked at the radar and it seemed that most of the bad stuff passed. So we headed back into the office. My dad has an app on his phone to listen to emergency broadcasts, and it was going crazy! The fire department was going to be very busy. Lots of downed power lines and tree limbs. I never heard anything else about a tornado, so I kind of wonder if that was an exaggeration. 

10:30-11:30 // I try to get back to work, although that was a pretty distracting morning. I have lots of reports to prep, so that'll keep me busy until lunch. 

11:30-12 // One thing that I don't really like doing is recording finished reports. We record them all in a ledger and then scan them into the computer. I don't like doing it because I feel like there must be a more efficient way to do it. Well, I know there is. It's just that that's they way we've been doing it forever, and to implement a new process would be really hard. And too hard to do while we've got so much incoming and outgoing. 

12 // I'm basically starving, but it's lunch rush hour and I don't want to leave yet. I usually bring my own lunch but we had nothing in the fridge at home, so I'm thinking Moe's. Until then I keep myself busy with a little more work and reading a few blogs. We have a lot of really good restaurants downtown, but since it's raining I don't want to walk anywhere. It would have been a perfect day for my rain boots!

1 // I leave the office and head out for lunch. It's crazy to see the amount of branches on the ground! 

1:10 // Moe's still looks packed, but fortunately there is no one in line! It smells sooo good. I almost always get the same thing: Earmuffs. Basically a chicken bowl with lots of veggies. And I love that the Gauc is free with your bowl! The keypad at the register says that I've got 45 loyalty visits. Uhm yeah, I love Moe's. 

1:20 // This Moe's is right around the corner from the house I grew up in, so I find myself wanting to drive over that way. It's so weird that other people live there now. On the way back to the office, I eat a few chips because I am so starving!

1:30 // The guys are out on appointments so I eat my lunch at my desk while catching up on shows on Hulu. We were out late last night so I missed Once Upon a Time. 

2:00 // A few more orders come in, so I process them! 

3:00 // One thing I hate more than scanning, is the shredding...I have tons of confidential docs to shred. Contracts...clients phone numbers and credit card numbers..All into the shredder. I really wish we'd get a super awesome shredder, ours only does like 5 pages at a time. 

3:30 // I have to make a few phone calls to set up appointments for later this week. One Realtor warns me that the tenant has been less that cooperative. I have to make all kinds of notes in the files so keep track of stuff like this. Looking back on scanned files is always funny because of this. I have made notes on all kinds of people. Divorce cases are always dramatic and interesting. 

3:45 // My sister texts me to tell me one of our friends is pregnant, so we chat for a while about that. Throughout the day I get tons of texts from my sister, and lots of snapchats of my nephew. Love getting them! I have to turn down the volume basically every time though-baby screams aren't really office appropriate. 

4:00-4:15 // I am allowed to leave at 4, but I never end up leaving by then. There is always lots to shut down and get ready for the next day. I have to take out the garbage, because everyone's smelling lunch is usually pretty bad by closing time. As soon as I walk back in from the dumpster, the phone rings again. Just a person with a random question about a job we did 5 years ago. 

4:25 // Time to head out! I should have taken the stairs to get more steps, but I habitually walked back into the lobby. I really regret not taking the stairs because the elevators just got serviced and they smell really bad. 

4:30 // On the road! I try to get out of the office by 4:45 at the latest, otherwise traffic is terrible. Lots of tree branches down from the storm earlier! I saw one house completely blocked by a giant tree that had fallen. Also the temperature dropped by like 10 degrees, and it's actually kind of chilly! 

4:30-5:45 // Drive home. The ride home is always more stressful than the ride over. The road is just way more crowded and I'm like really tired by the end of the day. This is when I get annoyed with other drivers! Especially those people who park it in the left lane. Today I spent most of the drive home talking on the phone with my mom for a little bit and then my sister. Talking on the phone always makes the drive go faster. I have a few people that I will call during the week to help pass the time. 

5:55 // Blake had just gotten home when I pulled in the driveway. He always checks the mail and lets Delly run around outside after he gets home. He is starving so I have to make him a snack. We are meeting up with some friends at the park to walk a trail, so dinner won't be for a little while.

6:00-6:25 // Time to unwind a little bit. I change clothes, take Delly outside for a while, and talk to Blake about our days. He's had a crazy day again. It's been so busy at his office with a big computer thing that I don't understand. 

6:30 // Meet up at the sports complex. There is a paved trail that goes around the complex. If you go around 3 times it's 2 miles. Several people go there 1-3 times a week to walk. I love walking and they even have stations around the park to do some exercises. I try to do a pull up every time. Key word: Try. I get sore from trying so hard. 
I jumped up so I could get over the bar! This is actually the best I've been able to do so far.
6:30-7:30 // Walk. Exercising with friends is always more fun. Talking helps distract me! I actually had to put on a sweater for this walk, it's kind of windy. 

7:30 // By the time we are done walking Blake and I are starving. Should have known this was going to happen. Starving and no food in the house equals Dairy Queen. They basically know our order by heart. It's sad. But delicious. 

7:30 // We eat our dinner and catch up on each other's days. I pretend I'm mad at him for not replying to my omgosh i'm dying in a tornado text right away. 

8 // Time to crash on the couch with Delly. Dancing with the Stars time! Loving this show. I have three favorites right now. Rumor Willis, the guy with one arm/leg that I can't remember his name, and the guy from Shark Tank (Robert?) Willow from the Hunger Games is so cute, but she keeps doing this weird thing opening her mouth the whole time and it's annoying me. While I'm watching Blake is doing something on his tablet. 

8:45 // Fell asleep on the couch...I do this every single night. 8:45 means I fell asleep before the elimination. I will have to look it up in the morning. 

10:30 // Blake wakes me up and I walk back to our room. We settle in for the night and Delly gets right up between us. Typical pug. Now I'm kind of awake so I look at my phone for a little bit. After like 10 minutes I'm falling asleep again! 

10:45 // Officially asleep. 

Leave me comment: So what do you think? Do we share a similar day? Anybody else fall asleep on the couch every night? 

xoxo Kristen

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