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Dandelions and Pug Kisses

Monday, April 13, 2015

I used to keep my niece once a week when she was a just a few months old. I credit those fun days to our closeness and my random knowledge of strollers and baby shows. My schedule just got too crazy so I couldn't keep her regularly anymore. It's still a huge priority of ours to spend time with her, so I jump at any chance to babysit! Saturday was my brother & sister in laws anniversary, so we volunteered to keep Gia while they went out. 
My goal was to play outside as long as possible! Our house just isn't baby proof, and Gia is at a super fun age of getting into everything. The girl is obsessed with pushing buttons of any kind. Which means our tv settings are always changed by the time she goes home. So outside we went! 
It is so fun to watch Gia and Delly chase each other! Delly follows Gia everywhere, mostly because she is hoping to get any crumbs that may fall her way. It's adorable. I have so many pictures on my phone of the two of them, but I grabbed my real camera and tried to get a few good pictures. It is amazingly hard to take pictures of an almost 2 year old and a pug, who are always moving! 
We played outside and even took a walk until the mosquitoes came out, then we watched Frozen. While I loved Frozen the first few times we watched it, after a zillion replays I'm pretty much over it. 
I tried putting on Tangled, which is my favorite princess movie, but she wasn't interested. Towards the end of the night she had worn us out completely and we were kind of ready to have our quiet house back-but once her parents picked her up, we totally missed her. 

xoxo Kristen

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