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St. Augustine Distillery

Monday, March 2, 2015

Last Friday was Blake and I's 5th wedding anniversary! We basically celebrate all month long. I couldn't wait to give Blake his gifts either, he got those like 2 weeks ago. Which is a drastic improvement over last year, when he got his gift in January. For our 5th anniversary we headed over to St. Augustine for the weekend! Now, Florida has the most bipolar weather imaginable, but I was really hoping for a warm weekend! Nope, it was in the 50s and super windy. That didn't stop us though! A highlight from our weekend was visiting the St. Augustine Distillery. If you are ever in St. Auggie you have to visit! 
First, we parked the car and made a bit of a walk over to the distillery. Turns out we could have parked there for free, but oh well! I love looking at houses, and we saw some really cute ones on our walk. The distillery is in an old Ice Plant, that they've restored into an awesome building. When you first get there, you see a video that talks about some of what went into building the distillery-from the local farms used to get organic ingredients, to the restoration of the Ice plant. Then you get to see some of the action, and hear about how they make the different alcohols. I thought it was really interesting! Although we had a super know-it-all guy on our tour, he knew everything already and wanted us to know that. He was fun to make fun of though later. "That would be, George Washington!" 
The best part of the tour of course is the tasting room! They are super generous with the samples too! They make you a cocktail, the Florida Mule - which was good, but you really have to like ginger, because it was pretty overwhelming. Our tour guide also made us gin and tonics, which were the bomb. Then you get to try shots of the actual gin and vodka. (They are about a year away from opening the bourbon barrels) I actually do not mind the taste at all, it is very smooth and doesn't burn your throat. They say that's because they take out those burning ingredients that other companies don't. 
Of course, you have to exit through the gift shop! We bought a few bottles, and their tonic concoction that we tasted. In the tasting room they had a gorgeous pitcher with a really cool alligator handle, I wanted it so bad! The gift shop usually sells them, but they were way backordered of course. We will just have to go back! 
After our tour we went upstairs and had lunch at the Ice Plant. Obviously named after the building's original purpose. It was also awesome, and super trendy. While we were eating I noticed both Blake and I were wearing our new watches that we got for each other. You can see them below! I'm in love with mine!!
Also, I'm sure you will love our amazing selfie that I took with my Canon. Much harder to do than with a cell phone! I've got major double chin going on. I love that on all of our couple vacations it's basically all pictures of Blake, because I'm always behind the camera. It's nice when a kind stranger offers to take your picture together!

I may or may not have painted my nails to match the spade on my watch, hehe. I also wanted to share the anniversary card that I gave Blake this year! It is hilariously true, and I may have to frame it. Etsy sells it here.

Leave me a comment: Have you been to the St. Augustine Distillery? What did you think?! How do you get couple pictures when it's just you two on vacation? 

xoxo Kristen

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