This Week: February 13th

in , by Kristen Woolsey, 8:00 AM
I'm Watching: 3 more episodes of Gilmore Girls to goooo!

I'm Reading: Okay, so my husband introduced me to Big mistake! I've been on there everyday looking for good deals. Right now I'm looking for a deal on a cruise! We've been dying to go, and looking at cruises online has just made it worse. 

I'm Listening To: I loved listening to this podcast of The Chalene Show about how to "Date Your Mate". My favorite tip was how to properly compliment your spouse. You need to pick something specific you like about how they look and tell them. It means so much more than "Oh you look nice." 

I'm Wishing For: I'm really in need of some black ballet flats. Mine old ones got ruined several months ago, and I have just been getting by with other shoes. Oh, and I feel like its time for some new nail polish...

I Need To: I feel like I need to spend time with my niece and nephew! I've been missing them. A trip to the park is in order.

I'm Looking Forward To: Our anniversary is coming up, and it has been so hard to keep a secret from Blake. I'm dying to give him his gifts!! And get mine...hehe.

I'm Making: Right now I am working on invitations for a baby shower, and getting lots of ideas for said baby shower. I had to make a secret pinterest board so the guest of honor couldn't see what I'm planning!

What are you guys up to this week? What do you think of my new theme?! I'm in love.
xoxo Kristen
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