Pug Essentials: The Puppia Harness

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One thing I never knew about pugs, before I got one, is that they can't wear traditional collars when taking walks. It has to do with their neck and their breathing problems. But, this is easily solved by wearing a harness instead! 

Since having Delly, we have discovered the best harness and totally swear by it! She wears the Puppia Ritefit harness in lime green. We did a lot of research ahead of time and found that Puppia has rave reviews from lots of dog owners. Pug owners especially. 

We are seriously stopped on the street all the time with people asking where to get one. And our vet raves about our choice in collar! Actually the ladies at the vet call it her 'bra'. 

Puppia harnesses are super adjustable-which is a must if you have a pug. They have such odd shapes and it can be so hard to find things that fit them. Delly wears a size large, and you can adjust the tightness around her neck and waist for the perfect fit. 
They are washable! Also a must, because of the sheer amount of dog hair that ends up on this thing. 
They last forever. We bought Delly's puppia when she was still growing 3 years ago, and the thing still looks brand new. 
Colors! The ritefit harness comes in 8 colors. We picked lime green, one because Delly's fur is glossy black and the green really flatters her coat. Also, she can be very hard to see when we take walks at night, and the bright color makes her much more noticeable. I sometimes wish that we would have gotten the pink one, just because she gets mistaken for a boy dog-but I do have a pink bow I attach to her harness which helps. 

Don't laugh but Delly totally didn't cooperate with me during our photoshoot:

Delly has her own instagram! Click here to follow her adventures and see her Puppia in action.

Oh, by the way, I didn't get paid at all do tell you about this harness. 

Leave me a comment: What is your favorite pug accessory? What do you think of Delly's Puppia Harness?

xoxo Kristen

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