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I just wanted to share a few things that I've really been loving lately! Maybe even obsessed with...

This candle is so nice! The jar is a recycled wine bottle which makes it really special. The scent is cabernet sauvignon which is one of my favorite wines. It isn't too strong, which I like because often candles are way too strong for me and I get headaches. I have it on my bedside table, and I love how my bedroom looks in candlelight. 

Two//Organix Moroccan Argan Oil

My hair is usually very oily, but this winter has made it pretty dry and flat. Instant static! I originally bought this for Blake because he has very dry hair, but I've been loving it on my own hair recently. I just run a droplet through my wet hair after showering. It smells so good too!

You know when you go into Target for one thing and come out with 10? That is how I wound up with this polish. Essie polishes just rock! They go on so easy. I have really been loving mint lately too, so I'm not surprised this is the color I chose. 

Sometimes you just don't want to use regular old blue soap! This girl doesn't have a dishwasher, so new dish soap makes me happy. I love this stuff! The lemon scent is incredible and the all purpose spray works so nicely on my countertops. 

Leave me a comment: Have you guys tried any of my favorites? What are you currently obsessed with?

xoxo Kristen
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