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Weekend Round-Up: Bradley and Ariana's Shower

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Saturday night was all about celebrating Bradley and Ariana's upcoming wedding in Jacksonville! I love my cousin so much, and I am very happy he has chosen such a  lovely girl! I have never been to a wedding shower quite like this one. It definitely wasn't your typical shower. They hired a DJ and had an amazing array of desserts to sample. We had so much fun! Blake and I somehow got roped into playing the Newlywed Game (spoiler alert: we didn't win!). The crazy part is we aren't the newlyweds anymore! 
I took tons of pictures, and I'm really proud of that too-sometimes I bring my camera and get distracted and forget to take any pictures. Here are a few favorites. 

I'm so grateful that the Newlywed Game was rated-G! We got a few answers right, but it was a lot harder than we expected it to be. The Bride and Groom actually won, which is only appropriate. We also had a blast with the photobooth props. There was one afro that got passed around quite a bit...
If we had this much fun at their shower, they have a set the bar very high for the actual wedding! 

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