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This Week: January 23rd

Friday, January 23, 2015

I'm Watching: Still going strong with Gilmore Girls bingeing. Now on season 5, loving all the Luke and Lorelai. Also, so happy that The Flash was back this week! It is the only new show that came out this year that I'm still watching.
I'm Reading: I have been scouring the internet trying to find something about a change in American Eagle's jean sizing! I hadn't bought jeans in a while, but the last pair I bought were too short. I have to buy their long jeans, and usually they are too long at first and then after a wash they are perfect. I didn't think much of it, until Blake bought new jeans that were too long for him even though it was his usual size. My sister and brother have also complained! My brother's are too short, and my sister's are too long. Something is going on! 
I'm Listening to: Ever since Serial I have loved listening to podcasts while driving or cleaning. I really like the variety of stories on This American Life! Makes my drive go by much faster. Right now I'm looking for an interesting podcast about nutrition. 
I'm Wishing For: This list is never ending. Currently obsessed with all things Kracken. Dying for this shower curtain.
I need to: Laundry. Ugh, so much laundry. 
I'm Looking Forward to: A weekend of nothing. This is the first weekend in a while, and for the foreseeable future that we have nothing planned!! 
I'm Making: I'm in charge of the champagne bar at a party next weekend, and I'm searching Pinterest for ideas! So many ideas!!

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