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20 Random Facts about Me!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Have all of your friends been doing that 20 random fact lists on Instagram too? Here is my list! I cannot believe how hard it was to come up with that many things-interesting things anyway. 

1. When I got married and changed my name with the Social Security office, they messed up and combined my middle name with my maiden name. So my official middle name is ElizabethSalley. 

2. I love singing in Opera! 

3. If I had a superpower it would be Laser Vision-then I could trim really tall trees. 

4. I am an ENFJ which means I care more about you than I do about me. 

5. My favorite scripture is Job 37:5

6. My favorite animals are pugs, sloths and donkeys. 

7. I'm slightly obsessive, in that there is always room for improving. I can always be better.

8. My favorite movie of all time is Father of the Bride. 

9. I am a really fast reader. But, I tend to read a book in a day and then not another one for a few months. 

10. I hate highwaist shorts and tights as pants. 

11. I also hate when people wear workout clothes out, and obviously have no plans to work out. 

12. I am the anti-hoarder. I absolutely love throwing things away! 

13. I redecorate everyone's houses in my head when I visit. 

14. I love both Chipotle and Moe's! 

15. When I go to TJMaxx I'd rather look in the home section than at the clothes. 

16. My husband is my best friend! He pats my arm when I go off about something. Even though that irritates me, I also love that he is my opposite and balances out my crazy. 

17. I have a terrible inner struggle about having children. I love kids so much, but the idea of having them on purpose is so crazy to me. 

18. I love lists! 

19. I hate awkward silence! I end up saying the stupidest stuff just to break the silence. 

20. One of my ultimate fitness goals is to do a 5 minute plank! I have gotten up to 2 minutes, but can't seem to break that. 

Leave me a comment: Tell me a random fact about you! Can you relate to any of my randomness?

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  1. whoa a 5 minute plank would be intense! and i love the home section of tjmaxx/marshalls too!



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