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This Week

Friday, December 12, 2014

I'm watching:
My favorite thing on TV this week was the Flash mid-season finale! I have been really loving The Flash, and this was a really good episode!

I'm (still) reading:
Beach Music - Pat Conroy
Ugh! This book is taking me forever to read, and usually I would have given up by now but so many people talk about how good this book is. 

I'm listening to: 
I'm loving Odesza right now! Say My Name is free right now on Amazon!


I'm wishing for: 
A new set of sheets. So lame I know, but I've been saying that you should be allowed to register like you do for your wedding at your 5 year anniversary! We are coming up on 5 years, and some of the things we got for wedding gifts are starting to wear out. We already replaced our towels this year, but now it is time for a new set of sheets for our room. 

I need to:
Stop watching vlogs on Youtube! I started watching Zoella's vlogs, for no reason really other than I wanted some background noise, and now I've watched so many of her videos. I'm basically a stalker now. 

I'm looking forward to:
This weekend we are heading to Alachua to visit Blake's cousin Ben and his wife Nicole. They are so much like us and I love them and miss them since they moved to Alachua. Should be a fun day with them! 

I'm making: 
One of our friends is having a baby girl, and I am going to attempt to make them a baby shower present. I thinking of making a hair bow holder. Looks fairly easy! 

A few pics from the last week:

Nephew love! From babysitting this week.
We have been making copycat Chipotle rice bowls so much lately-YUM

All my loves! My niece Gia, nephew Carter and my pug love Delly!
Leave me a comment: What are you guys up to?!

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