Pretty in Pink Party

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What is better than a party for no particular reason?! This weekend my friend Vicky hosted a Pretty in Pink party for the ladies in our congregation. It was so nice to get together with friends and laugh until we had tears in our eyes. Everything was decorated in pink, and all of the guests were wearing their favorite shade. One thing that I loved, and intend on copying, is that our host arranged to have a few conversation starters on folded pieces of paper. She selected a random guest to pull a slip, and read the question out loud. The best part was after the 'drawer' answered the question, we all got a turn to answer. This made for some hilarious conversations! My favorite part was hearing about everyone's first dates. 

I made my Peanut Butter Bars, and unfortunately they didn't all get eaten, so now they are back at my house for me to finish! One of my new favorite things to do at parties now is to get a group shot. Fortunately one of the husbands stopped by and he was able to snap a few of our whole group. Although it looks like i'm blocking a few people behind me...

Leave me a comment: What did you guys do this weekend? Do you like 'girls only' parties, or do you think the guys should be included too? 

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