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Weekend Roundup

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Is it just me or did this weekend go by so fast? Technically my weekend isn't over-I have Monday off for Columbus day. Tomorrow is just going to be a to-do list day. Why is that list never-ending?? I keep a running to do list in the back of my planner. It isn't pretty, but it sure does look like I get a lot done. 

This weekend was a project weekend at our house! I had made a list (I think I have a list obsession..) and we only seemed to check off a few things, but it feels like we got a lot done.
A big project I've been wanting to tackle is our back porch steps! It was a super awkward step and it was hideous. The previous owners stuck a few bricks at the base to make it even more repulsive. 

Blake decided the best course of action would be to build a 'box' around the existing concrete step. A usual step is 8 inches high. Ours is 9. Not surprising as this house has the most backward design issues. The walls on either side of the screen door were not even equal! 

Here is the finished product. I stained the step with a deck paint, and I am very happy with the color.
 What is it about doing some improving that highlights how bad everything around it looks...

Delly 'helping'

Here is another project we did this weekend:

I had one of those hanging jewelry bags in our closet, which was a nice space saver. But, because it was in our closet I had a hard time seeing what I had. I always ended up wearing the same pieces. I saw many ideas on pinterest, but this was an amazingly easy/cheap solution. We bought this hook rack from Lowe's. We installed it over my bedside table. I am still playing with the organization, but I am very happy with it!

Oh and here is me trying to do a pull up! I am trying so hard!! This is as far as I can get...Got any tips for me??

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