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Red Cross Hurricane Run-5k

Monday, October 27, 2014

The past few weeks I have been pretty lazy in my fitness. I am still very active, and almost always get my 10,000 steps with my Fitbit. But, when it comes to extra exertion-I've been lacking.
It has just been a busy time of the year. (insert other excuses here
My mom talked me into signing up for the Red Cross Hurricane Run in Tallahassee. I thought with a race coming up that would motivate me a little. While I have been slacking, I still thought I could do it...
Running has never been that hard! The course took place in Tom Brown Park, it was a paved course, but most of the run took place on an old bike trail. The rough terrain definitely added a challenge. 
Not to mention the race started at 4:30! I have only done one other evening race, and I don't think I will do one again! It is so different when you run first thing in the morning! It is much cooler and you have way more energy. & for some reason it decided to be 85 degrees on Sunday, when every other day this week hasn't been hot at all. Also, I tried wearing 2 sports bras to hold my phone (new phone! but I haven't gotten my new running band in the mail yet.) and that was a terrible idea. I didn't realize how hard that would make it to breathe!!

This was tough! 
I finished at about 40 minutes. My goal was to be under 40, but I knew that wasn't going to happen around mile 1. 
My bib number was pretty cool tough-1111!

The theme for the Hurricane Run was:
Run For Bob!
It was on the back of all the t shirts, and I finally figured out who Bob is. Bob is a board member of the local Red Cross. He put on this race for the last few years. A few months ago Bob was bitten by a mosquito and was paralyzed! The run was dedicated to his recovery. 
Here are a few pictures of from the race!
Mom, my brother Cameron and Me

Friends M'lisa and Autumn

The only person I know who can actually pull off a headband!

At Start! There were not many runners, so we ended up at the front. One day I will be like the girls at the front wearing just shorts and sports bra...if only I had those abs!

The trail. Do you see that old lady beating me?!

After! Ugh, it was so hot.

Triumph! With friends Slonde, Walsta, and Kuteeah
It was Slonde's first 5k! She did great. 

We are doing a Turkey Trot in November, and it is my goal to really prepare! 
I have 1 month! 

What do you think of evening races? Am I the only one who hates them?

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