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Life Lately #8

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Life Lately | North Florida Lifestyle Blog |

Practicing Hiking Outfits
I'm sure it's no surprise to you that I am Type A enough to practice outfits months in advance, right? For our tenth anniversary early next year, we are doing an amazing trip to see the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, and other really cool stops. We've already mapped out several hikes and even a horseback tour. It's going to be fairly cold when we go, so we've been stocking up on cool weather hiking gear. I'm obsessed with my LL Bean hiking boots! Our trip includes something like 6 hikes, and we are going to attempt to only bring maybe you can see why I am thinking so far ahead.

Life Lately | North Florida Lifestyle Blog | www.kristenwoolsey.comLife Lately | North Florida Lifestyle Blog |

Exploring Our Own Backyard
We have had some unusually quiet weekends lately, which is such a blessing. I'm not good at being bored, so we've tried to do a couple of fun little afternoon outings. One Saturday afternoon we popped over to a lake that I've always wanted to check out. It's SO peaceful and picturesque. I really want to go back in the summer when all of these Cypress trees are vibrantly green! 

Life Lately | North Florida Lifestyle Blog |

Giving Gifts
One of the reasons I was so excited to get a Cricut was for the gifting. Especially surrounding weddings. I know I LOVED getting personalized gifts when we got married. Monogramming was just getting popular in 2010, and I remember being so ecstatic to see my new monogram on gifts. 

My sister's sister in law (ha!) is getting married, and I was tickled to make her and her fiance something for their new place. He speaks almost no English, so I had to dust of my Spanish skills for this one. I was super nervous to give it to her, but she loved it. 

Life Lately | North Florida Lifestyle Blog |

Life Lately | North Florida Lifestyle Blog |

Picking A New Purse
So, I have a slight obsession with Cognac brown. My belts...this is my shade! Because I love it so much I was really on the hunt for a matching bag. I have the one pictured in my last outfit post, but it's so small that it wasn't perfect for everyday use. 

Enter, a trip to Target. We had like 45 minutes to kill before a movie, and we had already eaten, so we popped into Target. This Target has their purses and other accessories right up front when you walk in. I immediately saw the two bags below and knew I was going home with one. I could NOT decide between them!

This is the picture I snapped for my sister to have her help me choose. She couldn't pick either! I carried them around the store hoping for clarity. I still couldn't decide by the time we were ready to was seriously so hard to choose. 

I ended up going with the one on the right, the slightly bigger one. I probably would have chosen the one on the left, but the material felt a lot cheaper and I wasn't sure the handles would last very long on that bag. Plus the bag I went with also has a cell phone pocket on the side, which is a life saver!

(If you shop online, make sure you activate cash back with Rakuten!)

Life Lately | North Florida Lifestyle Blog |

Cutting Bangs...!!
Ya'll. I can't believe I did this! I needed a haircut in the worst way, and was feeling the desire to mix things up. Usually when I feel that, I just cut it short. Blake told me he prefers it long, and I have to admit I'm still loving some length. SO, what's a girl to do, except cut bangs? 

I LOVE them. I really do. Zero regret. It's fun and different. Headbands have become my new favorite accessory! This one is from Walmart, and I got a compliment on it the within the first 10 minutes of wearing it. 

The only thing I regret is using that Sum Bum lightening spray so late in the year! My hair is still super light, and now that I have bangs it looks even lighter for some reason! It just feels weird to have summery hair at this point in the year. 

Life Lately | North Florida Lifestyle Blog |

Enjoying Real Cold Weather Outfits
Now that it's finally *cold* here (most days anyway) I'm having so much fun putting together cool weather outfits. This is one I wore to a party, and it's my new favorite! We are taking some family photos soon, and I think this is what I'm going to wear. 

These white jeans are from Old Navy, and they are my favorite white pants I've ever owned. They are so comfy, and I loveee that the pockets are made with nude fabric-so they don't show.

Life Lately | North Florida Lifestyle Blog |

I also wanted to share another pair of pants I really love! These olive skinny jeans are something I tried on through Prime Wardrobe, and they fit like a glove. I'm so grateful to brands that do size Long! These are true to size, and you will definitely want to order multiple colors.

Okay, one more score! You are going to laugh when I say it's out of my comfort zone because it's black. My closet contains exactly 2 black pieces. However, I am in love with this packable jacket from Old Navy. It's very warm, not too bulky, and actually folds up into it's own pocket. I'm hoping the cream color comes back in stock, because I'm totally scooping that up.

I tried to take a picture of my ear, but it was too weird. I wanted to share these gorgeous minimalist earrings I picked up a few weeks ago. They are so shiny and I love how they look together. The photos below show rose gold, but I got yellow gold. 10/10 love them.

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