The Wildest Ride In The Wilderness

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One of my favorite things about Disney is that we've made so many great memories there. We've been so many times now, but each time has a distinct memory attached to it. It's either because of the friends we went with, or something like trying out a new restaurant or ride. Even things like the weather has made each trip stand out as unique. (I will never forget the time we saw 'snow' flurries in Hollywood Studios that one day! Disney made a killing in the gift shops selling hats, gloves and scarves to everyone who thought they were in Florida and didn't need that stuff!)

When we were deciding to renew our annual passes this year, Blake and I started reminiscing about our favorite times there. Then, for fun, we tried to narrow down our favorite places to eat, and our top rides. His favorite ride was Buzz Lightyear. Which was surprising! But, it makes sense because the guy literally looked up how to max out the score by hitting certain targets. My favorite ride though, hands down, is Big Thunder Mountain. Three of my very favorite memories took place on that ride.

Earlier this January when we really wanted to see the new fireworks show, and we had just enough time to ride something before it began. We decided to run over to Thunder Mountain and we were thrilled when the wait was just the perfect amount to time to ride and have time to get back over to the castle. We were stuck deep in the queue when we saw that there was only 10 minutes before the show started. It was too late to get out of line, so we made peace with missing the fireworks. 

We boarded the train, and started up the track. Our cart was coming over the crest of the first hill and the fireworks started! We ended up having the best view in the entire park! Riding the roller coaster with fireworks popping all around us and that chilly air in my face legitimately made me feel alive. 

Come to find out, the music is now piped in all around the park, so when we got off the ride we still had a spectacular view of the end of the show. (That's us watching it in the picture above!)

After the Disney Princess 5k with the girls, three of us wanted to go to the parks. February 26, 2011. We took turns riding rides solo all day. After we got down to the loading area of Thunder Mountain, we decided to ask if we could all three fit in the seat. The operator shrugged and said sure! The three of us squeezed into the last row. We DID NOT fit. But we were locked in (literally) and committed. 

I cannot remember a time ever laughing that hard! I was in the middle and just knew, more than once, that I was going to fly out. It's a wild ride anyway, but 3 people trying to hang on for dear life made it all that much more insane. I feel like that ride bonded us for life Chabeli!

Blake had just proposed to me in front of Cinderella Castle. October 5, 2009. We had the most perfect day. So many of our friends were with us. Our future brother in law won the American Idol Experience earlier in the day. My lifelong friend Devin found an abandoned wheelchair and someone in our group definitely pretended to be disabled to jump lines. (The whole reason they don't do it like that anymore...) Notice the wheelchair made the picture! 

After the fireworks were over, we were SO in love and so excited. We wanted to end the day with one more ride! We all ended up at Thunder Mountain and Blake and I got the back row. I just remember feeling so happy and exhilarated. 

Leave a comment below with your favorite ride at the Disney parks!! Do you have one special place where a lot of big things have happened? 

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