October Stitch Fix

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As much as I love Stitch Fix, I didn't intend to get any more boxes this year. I felt like I didn't really need anything new, especially for the fall/winter season. Living in such a warm climate means that my cold weather wardrobe is still in an almost new condition. But, Stitch Fix told me I had a credit in my account and I needed to use it before it expired. I'm definitely not one to pass up free stuff! 

It's always so exciting to open your box! It's half the fun. Erica says this all the time but you absolutely have to try on everything! Things might look completely different once they are actually on your body. 

Here's what I got in my box!
Colette Piper Knit Top - $38

This is absolutely 100% my style. In fact it's almost identical to the top I wore in this post. The stripes are thicker, but the material and the cut is almost the same. So much so that I can't justify another striped shirt! The stylist definitely got it right though.
Verdict: Return

J Crew Merc. Maylee Slim Boyfriend Chino - $36.50
Stitch Fix // Pugs & Pearls Blog

Can I just say how much I love J Crew Mercantile? It's basically J Crew's version of Old Navy. The clothes are great basics and the prices are so much better than traditional J Crew. When I pulled these out I was not sure how I was going to feel. On one hand I was excited to see the brand, but I have never really tried a boyfriend style pant. I just never thought they would work on my shape. But, I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled these on! I do have a pair of olive cropped chinos (from Old Navy ironically), so I'm still debating on these. I'm also wondering what shoes would work?
Verdict: Still deciding. 

Tinsel Floid Chambray Top - $48
Stitch Fix // Pugs & Pearls Blog

Meh. That's how I feel about this one. I love the light chambray color and polka dots. The material is very heavy, so I know I wouldn't get much of a season to wear this top. Plus the fit is just okay. I don't hate an oversized shirt, but this just doesn't really flatter anything. I wish that the photo would reflect just how much extra material there is. I also noticed that the buttons easily come undone. If I loved it, I would size down. 
Verdict: Return.

Hummingbird Liara Knot Front Knit Top - $34

This is why I say you HAVE to try everything on! When I pulled this top out, I literally just put it to the side. The material seemed weird and almost sheer. I was positive I wouldn't like it. As soon as I tried it on I was sold! I LOVE this shirt! The knot front tops are very popular right now, but I had never considered it for me. This shirt does exactly what I've been trying to do with the 'half tuck' thing without being fussy. It's great. And the color is absolutely perfect for summer or fall. I immediately took the tags off and paired it with jean shorts-but I know it will look equally good with jeans and ankle booties in a few weeks. 
Verdict: KEEP! and try to find other colors. 

Nine Britton Abigail Brushed Knit Midi Dress - $54

If something could be the exact opposite of my style, this dress would be it! Holy crap, I didn't even want to put it on. It wasn't as bad as I thought once it was on though. I have super mixed feelings about the material. It's both soft and comfortable, but also really clingy which makes me uncomfortable. The length was great, and I did like the color. I think it would be really cute with ankle boots. However, I can't think of any occasion I'd feel appropriate in this. So not me. 
Verdict: Return.

Leave a comment below and tell me what your favorite piece is! Should I keep the boyfriend pants? Help me! 
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