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7 Years!

Monday, February 27, 2017

In keeping with tradition, I had to post a little something on our wedding anniversary! (Here's what I wrote on our 5th & 6th ) I can hardly believe Blake and I are on year number 7! Interestingly I think this past year has been a bit more memorable than some of the others. 

Our first year was amazing. We had no money, but it was awesome. I loved working on our home and settling into a routine. I tried to do all the wifey stuff at first, but all that trial and error was great. We settled in really easily and totally bonded watching the entire Star Trek The Next Generation series together. (Hard to admit but I love it!) 

Our 1st anniversary! 
Years 2-3 feel like a blur. We gained a bunch of weight together, that I definitely remember! Those years were kinda tough because Blake had a super high stress job at the time. He made a ton of money, and we were able to buy a lot of things I'm not sure we'd have otherwise. But it wasn't worth it. That job started as a work from home position, but he was on call 24/7. I'd wake up in the middle of the night and he'd be on the phone with his team solving some server problem. When it became a desk job in an office, he left for work before I was awake and got home after dark. Not cool. Oh, but we did get Delly year 2, which kept me pretty occupied during that puppy stage! 

Dinner with my family on our 2nd anniversary!

Our 3rd anniversary trip to Disney...maybe my favorite trip ever!
Year 4 feels like a bit of a turning point. Our relationship has always been strong, but it was hard to keep it that way when he wasn't happy at work. In year 4 he started working for his current employer. It was a pay-cut, but we've never cared. It's so worth it. It was like a weight had been lifted and he was then able to concentrate on other goals that he was too tired for before. Specifically spiritual goals. And when your husband is doing well spiritually, it benefits you so much. *Gotta brag on my man. 

Our 4th anniversary trip to NYC
Year 5 is traditionally the Wood Anniversary. Which seemed super weird to me at first, but it's very on point. By 5 years your roots as a family are deep and feel secure. That's exactly how I felt in our relationship, totally comfortable and safe. 

On our 5th anniversary trip to St. Augustine!
It's not that Year 6 felt any different, but we definitely went through a different season in life. That's why you can't compare yourself to anyone else - everyone is in a different season! Our year was super stressful. A lot of it self imposed too. There were a lot of great things, like our bathroom remodel and adopting Bailey and the puppies! But, those things were also SO stressful. The remodel took so much longer than I thought, and my house was a disaster for weeks...and we adopted Bailey right before that happened...she was so undernourished and pregnant. The birth of the puppies was dramatic and scary...and then puppies are just plain a lot of work after that! I just mean that we had a very eventful year and while none of it was horrible, it was just a lot. It honestly took us months to recover from all of that. 

The cool part was being in it together. Stress can often distance a couple, but rallying together made us stronger than ever. That's what we signed up for! The thick and the thin. 

We retook our wedding photos on our 6th anniversary!
We've made a lot of changes in the last few months to help us avoid another season of stress. It's paid off too! Working together on the same goal is really what marriage was designed for. I appreciate what a gift marriage is, even more so after making it to year 7. So many couples don't make it this far, and even when they do you can tell they don't really like each other any more. 

I know I'm a completely different person that I was in 2010. Actually, I know I'm a completely different person than I was last year! While Blake may be the most steadfast person I've ever met, I know he is a different person than when we got married too. The most satisfying thing is knowing that even though we've changed, we've grown together all this time and that we love each other MORE now than we did on our wedding day!! 

Thanks for letting me get a little sappy! I'd love to hear about what keeps your relationship strong during those stressful seasons! And what you thought of year 7! Leave a comment below.


  1. Happy anniversary! Loved this walk through memory lane!

  2. Awww Love this post. And love you and 'Blaze' too! 😘

  3. Happy anniversary! I'm coming up on my wedding, and reading this reminded me how special it will be to get to share life with my fiance over the years. The wedding itself isn't the finish line!

    1. Couldn't have said it better myself! The actual wedding, and all the planning leading up to it can be very overwhelming. But it's over so fast! I can't believe we aren't newlyweds anymore, you'll see how time flies! But it's fun! Marriage is a blast if you do it right. Thanks for reading!



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