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Puppy Update and Life Lately

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I'm struggling to come up with the right description for my life lately. We are trying to recover from our whirlwind summer, and attempting to revamp some habits. I don't really like having a lifestyle that you have to recover from! Summers have always been kind of crazy for us, but with unexpected bills and unexpected puppies, the summer of 2016 will go down in history. 

- My sister Amy and I started training for a half marathon! I've always enjoyed running, and it's probably because I was born with the legs for it. I found a really simple schedule that only has you running 3 days a week. We should be able to do the 13 by December. We are already in week 3 and we love it. Having a partner makes all the difference. We may actually add a 4th day to the schedule because we like it so much. Having your 10,000 steps before anyone else wakes up is pretty awesome. 

- We made it through another Hurricane. Hermine made landfall in Florida last week and it was an experience. Floridians aren't strangers to hurricanes, but it has been a long time since we had one hit us directly. I remember 2004 and 2005 being big years, and we got a lot of time off of school for those storms. I went to stay with my younger brother-who is 20, but I still feel like he needed me-because my parent's were on vacation in Mexico. The storm got bad at about 2 am, but what woke me up from sleep was not the howling wind, but the fact that the power outage had turned the ceiling fan off. #floridaprobs My parents still don't have power 4 days later, and their bedroom did end up with some water damage. Not good, especially when there is no power to operate a wet vac. Our house didn't suffer at all, and we didn't lose power. Several of our neighbors had trees down and so we are really thankful as we have 2 large oaks on our property. The scariest part of the whole thing was the loss of traffic lights! People have no idea what you are supposed to do when a light is out. In fact I was inches away from getting hit by a van that blew through an intersection I was turning in. Literally the scariest moment of my life.  

- Just sayin' I got Blake the coolest custom Star Wars Rug ever. His office is not really themed, but he does have a lot of Star Wars art and other stuff I haven't permitted in the rest of the house in there. Ironically most of it is on the other walls, not shown in the photos. Anyway I had a custom rug made, and he loves it. Delly loves it too-she is that black blob in the photo below. 

- Okay, now time for all the puppy pictures!! I've been slacking on sharing them. The boys are 7 weeks old today! They are a lot of fun. They chew on anything and everything. They are eating puppy kibble, but still nursing on mom 2-3 times a day. Fred eats his kibble easily, while Winston doesn't really like eating it from the bowl. Winston isn't as 'aggressive' about food, or maybe the word is enthusiastic. He eats well, just not as quickly or as much as Fred. Fred is also slightly bigger than Winston. 

I'm getting sad because we are nearing 8 weeks, which is when Fred goes to his new home. I am really going to miss seeing the boys play together and they are always side by side. The reality of having 4 dogs set in a few weeks ago, and it is going to be challenging with 3 as it is. Puppies are so much work, and it's bringing back tons of memories of Delly as a puppy. All of that hard work paid off with Dell, but it took awhile. 

I started potty training the puppies already too. I'm not sure if it's recommended they go outside before shots, but I truly couldn't take it anymore. At first they would pee a little droplet, but now it's everywhere and all the time. We have the puppy pads, which I despise, but they do help. I started taking them outside about 2 weeks ago, and they've already gotten the basics. They will pee right away now. They still have to go a lot, so the real challenge is just not being home all day to take them out hourly. 

Bailey is an excellent momma. She was so protective at first, but is now totally fine with Delly being around. Dell is still a bit hesitant, as she was head-butted several times in the beginning. Bailey's c-section scar seems to be almost healed. I noticed some gunk stuck in one of her stitches the other day and thankfully we were able to clean it. It stunk so bad! She tussles with the boys, and you can tell she is teaching them the ropes of doggy-hood. I can't wait to get to know her as a non pregnant or nursing mom! She was so tired and pot-bellied when we met her. Then after she had the puppies she was skin and bones. She has really fattened up, thanks to the puppy food we have been feeding her. I'm interested in seeing her shape once she stops nursing and isn't giving away all of her nutrients. She is so much more playful now and we've loved having her. 

This last picture is me in heaven! All 4 cuties snuggling with me while we watched the FSU game last night. I'm wearing a black t shirt, but Fred is camouflaged in my armpit. Love these guys so much! 


  1. Omg they are adorable. I don't know how you can let one of them go. I think I would DIE. Lol. I'm such a crazy pug lady...I would have 20 if I could. But you are right, it's lots of responsibility. I'm so glad you posted. I was wondering what happened to you during the storm! Glad you guys are ok!!

  2. I think you should keep both puppies and name them Salt and Pepper. I can't imagine just giving away one of them. But I do understand vet bills with 2 pugs and 3 cats. They are all so adorable. I know you are enjoying watching them grow.



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